Seagrams Escapes – Wild Berries

Seagrams Escapes – Wild Berries

Now I’m not a drinker of any type of alcohol. Most taste bitter and not refreshing. Wine, I can’t fathom drinking. The only time I’ve successfully drunk a glass is when I pared it with a bowl of strawberries. Only then was I able to somewhat finish it. Beer, I find that to be a watered down version of wine, only smelling like dirty socks. 

Many years ago a friend bought a drink, Slow Gin Fizz, or something like that. To me it tasted like cough medicine. 

But allow me to fast forward many years. This evening hubby purchased a Seagrams Escape, Wild Berries flavor. This contains only 3.2% alcohol, which means I will not be getting drunk from it. My first sip I was expecting that typical bite of alcohol. Instead, I was very surprised by the refreshing flavor with no hints of alcohol. If someone handed me this without saying anything, I would have believe it was just punch. I can see why hubby calls this a girly drink, because no self respecting man would be drinking it. For me, I would definitely try it again! And this from a T-totaler. 🙂


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