Evening Mail

Evening Mail

As a child I used to race with my sister to the mailbox, to see who would get there first. It was in those days that I had pen pals, or was looking forward to the magazines my mom got in the mail.  Those days soon passed and with my mailbox fill with junk mail or bills, it was no longer fun to open the mailbox.

Well, those days are gone. Contests, sweepstakes and instant wins have opened up a whole new world for me. Going to the mailbox is no longer something done with a sigh, but rather eagerly sought. My sighs come when i have nothing in the mailbox, often making me wonder if either 1) we had no mail or 2) the mail person placed my mail and/or a package on the front porch. Imagine my delight with it is the later!

Equally as important is the mail I receive digitally. Today, my prize was $1000 gift code for Amazon, won from the Amazon Truck Sweepstakes. This was one of the largest prizes I have everyone, other than a television that I ended up giving to my parents. Once I made it past legal, the code was emailed to me. That, and a gift card is on it’s way. That is going to be used more as a reminder of what I won. In addition to the email code, I received a $5 LiveNation code to be used toward’s merchandise. Unfortunately, $5 isn’t really enough.

Mail call consisted of a T-shirt from the Hershey game of The Avengers. That one will go straight to hubby. He will appreciate that I think. In addition, I received a book from Bethany House, “Love in Disguise”. In order to receive the book, I had to agree to post a review of it. Believe me, I more than welcome the opportunity to do that. Once I read it, I shall share my thoughts of the book here, anything to be able to review and read more books.


2 thoughts on “Evening Mail

  1. I had a surprise in the mail last week, I’m sure it was from “you”. An air freshener. That thing was so powerful I had to finally throw away the scent pack. Put it in the living room and about passed out from the smell. Put it in the office, overpowering. Garage, waaaaaay over in the corner behind some stuff, still too potent. I then had the brilliant idea it belonged in the garbage can – outside. 🙂

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