Brew over Ice – Green Mountain

Brew over Ice – Green Mountain

A few weeks ago I received three boxes of Green Mountain, brew over ice, for participation in a buzz campaign. Each box consisted of four samples, two for two, two for coffee. Along with the coffee, it included a nice tumbler with lid and straw, where I was to prepare my coffee.

Now I have a keurig maker, which my husband and I love. I also enjoy going to Starbucks to get my java chip frappacino. So, I was more than willing to try iced coffee. Well, the instructions were simple, fill the tumbler with ice and then fill it with 6-8 ounces of coffee. Excited, one morning I substituted my regular routine to make the iced coffee. Followed the instructions, but forgot to adjust my coffee setting. In turn, I ended up with a really watery iced coffee. That one, went down the the drain.

The next day, I made a tumbler of sweet tea for my husband. He said it was good, just a bit watery. So again, adjustments are needed.

A few days later, i was willing to go at it again with the iced coffee. Setting the coffee mode on the 8 oz, I eagerly waited to try it. One swallow and I spit it out. So, I doctored how I do my hot coffee. Took another swallow, this one much smaller. I spit it out. I don’t think my doctoring methods are working with the cold version. The next time I make my coffee, I doing it the traditional way. That is, doing it hot, doctoring it with cream, sugar and chocolate, and then I plan on pouring it over ice. A few more steps, but, if I can drink it then I’ll suggest it. But, then why would I bother purchasing a “Brew Over Ice” set? For the tea.


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