More Seagrams….

More Seagrams….


Ok, so I’m not a drinker, but these Seagram drinks fascinate me. Mainly because they don’t even taste like alcoholic drinks. Our local Bi-Lo had them on sale for $1, so I purchased their different varieties.

What I’ve tried thus far:

Sangria:   Our Sangria is a refreshing blend of red wine infused with orange, apple and peach flavors. I tasted more the red wine than the fruit flavors and would describe it as only, ok. Not something I would buy again.

Strawberry Daquiri: Strawberry Daiquiri is packed full of delicious fruity flavor. This one was actually pretty good, very fruity and strawberree.

Bahama Mama: Unwind with the unique tropical blend of orange and pineapple deliciousness. To me, this one was very acidic. Not a pleasant drink blend.

Jamaican Me Happy: filled with luscious lemons, sweet strawberries, mouthwatering melon and great-tasting guava. This is another one I consider pretty good. Very fruity, and can taste the watermelon.

Margarita: A fabulous blend of lemon, lime and just a hint of tequila flavors, our Margarita Cooler is muy delicioso! This is another very acidic drink. This one I didn’t finish, and ended up pouring down the drain at the end of the evening.

Fuzzy Navel: A luscious flavor combo of juicy peaches with a touch of orange. This is one yet to try, and after the hit and miss of the earlier flavors, I’m not eager to try it.

All and all, these drinks reminds me of flavored drinks from my college days, drinks they sold in our Christian college cafeteria (non-alchololic). So for me, these drinks bordered on those similar flavors, just with a 3.9% alcohol content. Needless to say, I’ll never drink enough of these to get drunk. 😉

Book Review: Full Disclosure by Dee Henderson

Book Review: Full Disclosure by Dee Henderson

Full Disclosure by Dee Henderson

Ok, just read my latest book compliments from Bethany House, an advanced copy of Full Disclosure, by Dee Henderson. The only thing I can really say is, wow. This will be a book that I keep records of who I loan to, and will demand return. It will always be in my bookshelf, because it has so many details that you will have to read again, just to see what you missed the first time.

Overall, the basic synopsis of the book is that an investigator drops a lead on a serial murder case in the hands of a special agent. She leaves with more than just good evidence, provoking an interest in the agent’s part to get to know the investigator better.

Let me just say, that the synopsis of the book on the back does not do it justice. Someone asked me what I was reading today, and what the story was about. There is so much going on, that my mind drew a blank and I honestly couldn’t tell the person, other than it was a good book.

Rich in detail, the story weaves you in and out, begging you to go further into the book. You get to know the characters, their lives. Incredibly well done. Well worth the time to set aside to read. It took me two days to finish. Started on Sunday, read a little at lunch on Monday, finished it up that night.

Book Review: The Deposit Slip by Todd M. Johnson

Book Review: The Deposit Slip by Todd M. Johnson

the deposit slip

I received this book, The Deposit Slip by Todd M. Johnson, in the mail this past week, compliments of Bethany House. The premise of the book is that a young woman returns home to empty out a safe-deposit box containing her father’s effects. She finds various things inside that her father has kept hold of, meaning they held some sort of significance. At the bottom of the box, she finds a deposit slip with an unbelievable amount on it. In her own search, she ends up with dead-ends, even lawyers she hires refuses to take on her case. Finally she finds a lawyer who is willing to help her out and solve the mystery.

This was a good book. It was a book that once I started I could not put down. I didn’t turn on the television, didn’t get on the computer, my nose was glued to this book. The development of the charters were great, and the plot was just as good. I’ve read John Grisham books over the years, his first one, A Time to Kill being the best. I rank this particular book in the same category. Excellent.

There is one thing I did notice, an error perhaps, but ever so slight that it could have been me misreading it on page 241, and it is was just a switching of names “Paul smiled at Erin before turning to the banker”. At that particular moment, Erin wasn’t there. But that’s all I say on the matter. 🙂 Other than that, great book!

Book Review: Almost Amish by Kathryn Cushman

Book Review: Almost Amish by Kathryn Cushman


I received this book, Almost Amish by Kathryn Cushman, in the mail this past week, compliments of Bethany House. The premise of the book is that two families are willing to star on a reality series where they will live similar to the Amish for three months. Julie, one of the mom’s, finds herself stressed out and ready to have a change of pace. The other mom, Susan, is a divorced Martha Stewart wanna-be, who doesn’t seem to know the word relax. Together, they merge their families (minus husband of Julie) to live in an Amish home for these months.

The plot of the story overall was good, and I can see the good points it had throughout, however, the story itself got me skimming areas just to get to the end of the next chapter. Maybe it was the multiple characters I was having to keep up with, but when I finished the book my reaction was, ok. It wasn’t a book I thought about much once I put it back into the bookshelf. It would be one I’d lend to someone else and then if I never got it back, I wouldn’t be upset.

Why did I not like it? I think I had higher expectations for the book. I looked forward to them actually living an Amish lifestyle, but with some of the more modern conveniences. I wasn’t sure I liked all the tricky challenges thrown out, with the purpose in my mind, to make a person fail. The Kendra person I did not like. Or maybe I was just looking for more character development.

But overall, it is worth a read and it could have just been me have higher expectations for this book, especially since it was in the Amish realm.

Sobe Life Water

Sobe Life Water

Last week I received a bottle of Sobe Lifewater, flavor kiwi, in the mail. It was one of my instant wins. So all week I’ve had it in the refrigerator to cool off. Last night I finally popped the cap, looking forward to a refreshing drink. I took a sip. Then another. Looked at the bottle and noticed it said “no artificial sweetners”. Leaning back in the chair, I took one more sip and then closed the lid on the bottle. Not impressed. Although it was more along the lines of, I don’t like.

For it to have no artificial sweeteners, there is a flavor in the water that lends itself towards a diet drink. I don’t like, nor will I drink diet drinks because of the artificial sweeteners. Then there are the diet drinks that say they have no artificial sweeteners. Include the diet cola drinks that brag of that same thing. Well, there is something they are adding to it and leaves a bittery flavor, almost chemically flavor in my mouth. It must be something only I can taste, because I know there are other people out there who will absolutely love the water. I don’t.