Sobe Life Water

Sobe Life Water

Last week I received a bottle of Sobe Lifewater, flavor kiwi, in the mail. It was one of my instant wins. So all week I’ve had it in the refrigerator to cool off. Last night I finally popped the cap, looking forward to a refreshing drink. I took a sip. Then another. Looked at the bottle and noticed it said “no artificial sweetners”. Leaning back in the chair, I took one more sip and then closed the lid on the bottle. Not impressed. Although it was more along the lines of, I don’t like.

For it to have no artificial sweeteners, there is a flavor in the water that lends itself towards a diet drink. I don’t like, nor will I drink diet drinks because of the artificial sweeteners. Then there are the diet drinks that say they have no artificial sweeteners. Include the diet cola drinks that brag of that same thing. Well, there is something they are adding to it and leaves a bittery flavor, almost chemically flavor in my mouth. It must be something only I can taste, because I know there are other people out there who will absolutely love the water. I don’t.


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