Book Review: Full Disclosure by Dee Henderson

Book Review: Full Disclosure by Dee Henderson

Full Disclosure by Dee Henderson

Ok, just read my latest book compliments from Bethany House, an advanced copy of Full Disclosure, by Dee Henderson. The only thing I can really say is, wow. This will be a book that I keep records of who I loan to, and will demand return. It will always be in my bookshelf, because it has so many details that you will have to read again, just to see what you missed the first time.

Overall, the basic synopsis of the book is that an investigator drops a lead on a serial murder case in the hands of a special agent. She leaves with more than just good evidence, provoking an interest in the agent’s part to get to know the investigator better.

Let me just say, that the synopsis of the book on the back does not do it justice. Someone asked me what I was reading today, and what the story was about. There is so much going on, that my mind drew a blank and I honestly couldn’t tell the person, other than it was a good book.

Rich in detail, the story weaves you in and out, begging you to go further into the book. You get to know the characters, their lives. Incredibly well done. Well worth the time to set aside to read. It took me two days to finish. Started on Sunday, read a little at lunch on Monday, finished it up that night.


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