More Seagrams….

More Seagrams….


Ok, so I’m not a drinker, but these Seagram drinks fascinate me. Mainly because they don’t even taste like alcoholic drinks. Our local Bi-Lo had them on sale for $1, so I purchased their different varieties.

What I’ve tried thus far:

Sangria:   Our Sangria is a refreshing blend of red wine infused with orange, apple and peach flavors. I tasted more the red wine than the fruit flavors and would describe it as only, ok. Not something I would buy again.

Strawberry Daquiri: Strawberry Daiquiri is packed full of delicious fruity flavor. This one was actually pretty good, very fruity and strawberree.

Bahama Mama: Unwind with the unique tropical blend of orange and pineapple deliciousness. To me, this one was very acidic. Not a pleasant drink blend.

Jamaican Me Happy: filled with luscious lemons, sweet strawberries, mouthwatering melon and great-tasting guava. This is another one I consider pretty good. Very fruity, and can taste the watermelon.

Margarita: A fabulous blend of lemon, lime and just a hint of tequila flavors, our Margarita Cooler is muy delicioso! This is another very acidic drink. This one I didn’t finish, and ended up pouring down the drain at the end of the evening.

Fuzzy Navel: A luscious flavor combo of juicy peaches with a touch of orange. This is one yet to try, and after the hit and miss of the earlier flavors, I’m not eager to try it.

All and all, these drinks reminds me of flavored drinks from my college days, drinks they sold in our Christian college cafeteria (non-alchololic). So for me, these drinks bordered on those similar flavors, just with a 3.9% alcohol content. Needless to say, I’ll never drink enough of these to get drunk. 😉


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