Product Review: Glade Expressions – Diffuser and Spray #GotItFree

Product Review: Glade Expressions – Diffuser and Spray #GotItFree

Ok, so my latest sampling is the Glade Expressions Oil Diffuser and Spray. It initially took me awhile to find the products, especially a selection that was more than two. I first went to Wal-mart, but was greatly disappointed with their choices. So a few days later, I went by Target and found that I had four choices to choose from. Fuji Apple & Cardaman Spice; Lavender & Juniper Berry; Pineapple & Mangosteen; or Cotton & Italian Mandarin. I decided on the Fuji Apple with the Lavender coming in for a second test squeeze.

The two items I purchased (with a free product coupon) was the oil diffuser, which is a non-electric diffuser of the scents. And I decided to get the same fragrance with the spray.

The oil diffuser I set up in the bedroom, and I have to admit, anytime I walk into the bedroom I’m greeted with the pleasant smell of apple and spice. I’m impressed that it’s not a heavy fragrance that chokes you. Those I tend to unattach from the oil and then forget to reuse. This one is a nice fragrance, just in time for fall. Reminds me of apple pies cooking somewhere in the house.

The spray fragrance, I admit, I haven’t used nearly as much. That one currently sits in the bathroom, waiting for someone to release a deadly stink bomb. Traditionally we use an orange flavor, so I’ll be interested in seeing how well the spray works. But as it is, the oil diffuser is more practical in our house than the spray is.

These were received as being part of the BzzAgent program. Complimentary.

Product Review: Covergirl and Olay – Rehab 2-in-1 makeup #GotItFree

Product Review: Covergirl and Olay – Rehab 2-in-1 makeup #GotItFree


As an BzzAgent I sometimes get items to test and review. Then, I share my thoughts, whether I like than or not. Either by sharing by twitter, facebook, blog, or providing a reviews.

My product this month was the Covergirl and Olay makeup, Rehab 2-in-1. I had to make my selection of color based on an online choice. Needless to say, I was a bit worried about the color match. I soon learned, that fear was needless.

All I can say is, this product is TOTALLY awesome!!! First off, the color is spot on. As a lifetime user of Clinique, this product has convinced me to stop following the department stores for their fall/spring bonuses. My money will be spent, or more correctly, saved, by purchasing this item.

It comes out of a small bottle and a little bit goes a long way. It’s a pump, you push down and select the amount of makeup you need. Fortunately, as I mentioned, you don’t need a lot. The lotion makes the coverage go on smooth and soft. No lines, no splotches. Amazing! I haven’t had to use any blemish makeup before use, because this seems to take care of all my problems. When I finish with it, I rub my hands together and apply it like lotion. Awesome!

I will definitely buy this in the future and will/have recommended this to others.