Book Review: At Every Turn by Anne Mateer

Book Review: At Every Turn by Anne Mateer


Ok, so I have another book I received in the mail, compliments of Bethany House. This book is called “At Every Turn” by Anne Mateer. The back of the book basically describes it as “Alyce pledges money for mission work, thinking that her dad will give it to her. She learns that she must earn the money on her own, and that is done by secretly racing a sports car in races with the help of her father’s mechanic”.

At least that’s the gist I got from reading the book. First off, my overall impression of the book had me hooked with the really cool cover art on the book. Unfortunately, this is a case where the cover doesn’t relate to the contents within. I started it Friday night, expecting to stay up as late as necessary to finish it. Unfortunately, it didn’t take too long to finish. After the first few chapters, I found myself skipping ahead until finally I tossed the book aside and declared “I’m finished!”

My impressions of the book is that I don’t really like stories that start with the pronoun “I”. I prefer it in second hand voice, such as “She” or “Alyce”. So that was strike one, but I was willing to put aside my personal differences with the starting of the book. Unfortunately, I found the main character to be annoying and just a little too fluffy. More like a “la-dee-dah” type of attitude. That may not be the type of personality that Anne Mateer was trying to bring across, but I just found the main character more than just a little annoying. And again, I’m blaming it on the “…I charged upstairs and donned one of my more elegant costumes. A jacket-style dress with elbow-length sleeves and a feather-accented hat. At the last moment, I pinned Grandmother’s cameo on my chest”. I, I, I! She just sounded very selfish and self-imposed.

Just my opinion. I’ll be handing this book to another family member and more than likely will not be hunting it down to be returned to me.


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