Product Review: Covergirl Blastlipsticks #GotItFree

Product Review: Covergirl Blastlipsticks #GotItFree

Ok, so the end is coming up for my review period for the Covergirl blastlipsticks. I’ve had these for over a month, and entire month to practice and play with various color shades available. My impression was with the variety of colors available. Then there are no rules that say you have to use only one color at a time. Instead, it is encouraged to mix and play around with colors. Which means, the more Blastlipsticks you own, the more color combinations you may create.

The idea of the two shades on the Blastlipsticks was that one can be used for evening, and the other for during the day. But I, used both at various times during the day. And then, played with a different color shadesque for in the evenings.

The only drawback would be the slight smell that comes from the lipsticks. It’s not unpleasant, but neither is it a perfume type smell. But you do notice it when you start to apply it to the lips.

Application is easy, as it should be. Goes on smooth as silk, and from my experience stayed on it. Unless I did something to remove it.

At the end, I kept one Blastlipstick for myself and shared the other two with a family member and friend. I believe they were more than pleased for their gifts and in fact, enjoy them as much as I do.

Just as a note, I received the three Covergirl Blastlipsticks complimentary from being a Bzzagent. #GotItFree


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