Location Review: Hairbenders Intl. (HBI) – Chattanooga

I’ve gone to this salon several times over the years, hoping that the time in between each would be better. But each and every time I’ve been disappointed. The only thing that they usually do right is the color, and even that left much to be desired this time. I have a friend who is … More Location Review: Hairbenders Intl. (HBI) – Chattanooga

Pleasantly surprised. I like period pieces, especially those that are dealing with life out west. Something about cowboys, and the rough and rugged man. This one, however, was atypical to my usual western. Rather it was focused on a potential “heiress” and her care for her brother. The love interest in the story, wasn’t even … More

Book Review: Every Perfect Gift by Dorothy Love

  Upon reading other reviews, I discovered that this book is part of a trilogy. Which will probably explain why I felt very disconnected while reading it. The descriptions and details were great, but I never felt myself really falling in love with the characters. I spent much of my time, flipping thru the pages … More Book Review: Every Perfect Gift by Dorothy Love

  This is my latest book to read, a trilogy by Karen Kingsburgy. This comes from the Waterbrook Mutnomah publishing company. Three novels in one. This will take awhile. 🙂