Book Review: Every Perfect Gift by Dorothy Love

Book Review: Every Perfect Gift by Dorothy Love



Upon reading other reviews, I discovered that this book is part of a trilogy. Which will probably explain why I felt very disconnected while reading it. The descriptions and details were great, but I never felt myself really falling in love with the characters. I spent much of my time, flipping thru the pages trying to find the “meat” of the book.

I believe, I am probably in the minority, but as I mentioned before, I had a truly difficult time getting into this book. The cover art drew me in, but then left me hanging. Little bits revealed in the story, I believe could have had greater suspense or reason for it being revealed (such as when Sophie learns of her heritage). Even the love story between her and Ethan was so predictable, that I became bored with it all.

I’m not really sure what I was looking for, other than wanting to fall in love with a story. It didn’t happen with this book. I put it down, and then promptly forgot about it.

I received this book in ebook format, from BookSneeze which is owned and operated by Thomas Nelson Publishers. All opinions are my own, and I am not compensated in any form for my opinion.




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