Pleasantly surprised. I like period pieces, especially those that are dealing with life out west. Something about cowboys, and the rough and rugged man. This one, however, was atypical to my usual western. Rather it was focused on a potential “heiress” and her care for her brother. The love interest in the story, wasn’t even a cowboy, rather a doctor. The dog, Magic, was well used throughout and didn’t leave me wondering what her purpose was in the plot. Well executed.

Basically, Molly has been caring for her younger brother after a tragic accident left him paralyzed. Totally dependent upon his sister, it’s up to Molly to find ways to make money and care for him. A fire in a town forces them to find employment elsewhere. Thus enters Miss Walker. She is looking for someone to leave the ranch to, and Molly answers the ad. Determined to make sure her brother is taken care of, and does her duties, she runs herself ragged. In the meantime, she has a new friend in the doctor, who wants to help Molly’s brother become more self-sufficient.

All in all, it was a good story. The initial chapter of the story, I can understand why it was there, yet I think it was unnecessary. It didn’t really play a roll later in the story, other than the fire in their previous town. That, and her previous occupation, wasn’t delved into very much.

A complimentary review copy was provided by BookSneeze on behalf of the publisher, Thomas Nelson, and the author, Margaret Brownley. Any opinions are my own.



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