Location Review: Hairbenders Intl. (HBI) – Chattanooga

Location Review: Hairbenders Intl. (HBI) – Chattanooga

I’ve gone to this salon several times over the years, hoping that the time in between each would be better. But each and every time I’ve been disappointed. The only thing that they usually do right is the color, and even that left much to be desired this time.

I have a friend who is always raving about Hairbenders, enough to the point that I was willing to give them another try. I had been going to Hair-a-go-go, but since changing jobs to work in Cleveland, I didn’t want to go on a Saturday to get my hair done. So, I liked the fact that I could get into Hairbenders at 5:30 in the evening.

During consultation, I explained to my hairdresser that I had a bad highlighting job done less than a year ago, and that my hair had been badly fried. So I was trying to get that to fix that. She nodded, and listened, made suggestions…so I assumed she heard what I said.

As she finished with one part of my hair, she called over her assistant to finish the rest of my hair. So as this young man, is putting color on my hair, I see her go over to her other client and finish with her other client.

This young man, had already mixed up a batch of color, but was apparently running out. So he calls over yet another assistant, to go ask my stylist if he (this new guy) should make the new batch or if she, the stylist should. She turns and tells the second assistant the color combination for another batch of color. 

After getting shampooed and washed, I go over to the chair where my hairdresser asks me stand beside the chair. Now I’ve had odd requests over the years, but this was truly the oddest. Because then she proceeds to cut my hair, while I’m standing up! Finally, I’m able to sit back down, and she finishes the cut, lopping off 1.5 inches of hair. It’s still below my shoulders, so I was satisfied.  She initially said that she was going to cut my bangs up to my eyebrows, but i had naturally curly hair, and any cut that was to my eyebrows would bounce up. However, I did want bangs and proceeded to show her the length on my nose as to where it would work the best, from my previous experiences.  She ignored me, because the bangs were still long. After blowing dry my hair, she has me once again to stand next to the chair so she can do some snipping here and there. Then I can go.

To be honest, it usually takes me actually fixing my hair to determine whether or not I had a good cut. I didn’t. It was horridly choppy, and nearly impossible to work with. With naturally curly hair, I tend to let it go natural. I can’t. These choppy layers spring out and create such an odd shape, that 95% of the time I have to wear a ponytail or headband to control it. The texture of my hair, is equal to what I received over a year ago at a cheaper salon. My hair is fried! My bangs, won’t even do anything because they are fried. They stick straight out, unable to go any direction because of the texture. I’ve even attempted trimming my own bangs, because I refuse to return to the salon.

Basically, this will be my last time to ever step foot in this salon. They will not be receiving any more money from me, and I will not recommend this place to anyone. I feel horrid wasting the money I did there.


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