Book Review: The Duchess by Susan May Warren

Book Review: The Duchess by Susan May Warren



I was lucky enough to receive this book from a contest on Susan May Warren’s blog. Yesterday it came in the mail, and by today, I have it finished. All I can really say is wow. This was a really good book, with enough twists and turns, intrigue to keep me captivated from the beginning to the end. It was torture to have to put it down at the end of my lunch hour today, but as soon as I took care of things at home, I sat on the couch and tuned out the world.

Basically, Rosie Worth is a movie star, in the golden age of Hollywood. She is in a loveless marriage, when she meets a man whom she had been destined to be married to years ago. But wanting the glamour of Hollywood, she chose her own destiny rather one chosen for her by her mother.

You experience Rosie/Roxy’s life as a movie star, her need and desire to make it big, then she goes to Europe for a year, for a movie of a lifetime. It’s there, where things get interesting…and where I feel I must stop.

Here is where you begin to be a part of Rosie’s life, as you experience her struggles and pain, her happiness and joy. And then finally love. She is a real person with real problems.

I would definitely recommend this book to read. It is one that I would put in the same category as the Stranger at Stonewyck and such (Stonewyck series was one of my favorites). However, the book will not leave you hanging, and wishing for more. Everything is tied up fairly neatly in the book.

In addition, apparently this book is part of a trilogy. The wonderful thing is, I didn’t feel like I was lacking or part of a story that I knew nothing about. I’m now eager to read the other books part of the series.


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