Book Review: Reclaiming Nick by Susan May Warren

Book Review: Reclaiming Nick by Susan May Warren



So I’ve had this book awhile, but hadn’t really started it. The cover was attractive enough, but it wasn’t enough to say “Open me and start reading!” However, after reading “The Duchess” by Susan May Warren, I knew I needed to give this book a try. Again, I had expectations for a different type of book, but what I read was completely not what I was expecting. It was better.

Basically, Nick left home years ago after an altercation with his father. He returns, only after his death, with lots of regrets. But he has one thing on his mind, and that is not to let his once best friend take a portion of the land that he and his family has owned for years. He returns home, with guilt and a sense of letting people down.

Then we have Piper, she is an award winning journalist who is looking for her next big story. Her brother, just let out of prison, she believes was falsely imprisoned, and she blames Nick, because he’s the one who put him there. She believes there is more to the story and is determined to show that Nick was the one who murdered the young woman, and not her brother.

Maggy is Nick’s old girlfriend. But she is now married to Cole, Nick’s once best friend. She has a son, CJ.

Cole was Nick’s old best friend, but because of misunderstandings, there is a wedge between their friendship.

Overall, it was a very well written book. Initially I didn’t like the character, Nick, because I thought he was cold and unfeeling and I didn’t like the deception that Piper had initiated. Partially, because by then I was totally into the book and thought it was unfair for her to be pretending at such an important position.

All in all, a very good book!


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