Book Review: Desert Gift by Sally John

Book Review: Desert Gift by Sally John


Book synopsis: What does a nationally known marriage expert do when her own marriage falls apart? Just as Jillian Galloway sets out for a publicity tour to promote her new book, her husband drops a bombshell: He wants a divorce. Jill flees to her parents’ home in the California desert, wondering whether everything she’s built her career on—indeed, everything she’s built her life around—is a sham. Navigating this “side road” of life is an uphill climb that leads to new understandings about herself, her marriage, and her relationship with the One who created marriage.

For me, this is one of those books that once you get to a certain point in the book, you just can’t put it down. You have to stay up as late as you need, just to finish it.

I downloaded this book from Amazon, for my kindle. It had been sitting amongst my many other books waiting to be read. To be honest, I was not really sure what I was going to be getting into, especially since I seem to have inadvertently downloaded some rather steamy novels. That’s what I get for downloaded a book based on the cover art rather than reading the synopsis!

This book started off with Jill headed off on a book tour with her husband, only her husband informs her that he wants a divorce on the day that she is to leave. Originally he was supposed to go with her, and share vacation time. Instead, he takes her to the cab and doesn’t look back. Needless to say, Jill is a mess, trying to figure out what is going on. This came out of the blue. However, she has to hold it together for her tour. Unfortunately, she has trouble doing just that. Over time in the book, she visits her family members, and other key people who help her realize that maybe she had a roll in the demise of her marriage. In the same vein, her husband Jack, is just wanting to go thru with the divorce while his friends are forcing him to understand why just out the blue, he wants to call it quits.

This book, by the end, had me sniffling with a pile of tissues next to me. Personally, i enjoyed the book, however, I do admit I read it rather fast, especially towards the end. But, it will be a book that I will most definitely read in the future.