Book Review: Unrivaled by Siri Mitchell

Book Review: Unrivaled by Siri Mitchell



I chose to read Unrivaled because I thought the story line was pretty good, and it intrigued me. The cover art also pulled me in. Basically, Lucy Kendall has returned from an European adventure, to return home to discover that her beloved father is ill in bed. The company business, the candy factory, is having trouble. In turn, her mother, who has always hated the candy business is planning on selling it. However, Lucy loves the business and is determined to find a new recipe to bring the factor back to its original pride, that is, if she can take on the rival candy company, whom her father says stole their original recipe.

All in all, the story plot worked well, it’s just the little things within the story that can sometimes get annoying. Such as the way Lucy would act sometimes. Despite these being merely characters in a book, I couldn’t help but cringe at some of the decisions she made. Often times, they seemed a bit ridiculous. Such as the scene in the store window and giving out gifts. The story just seemed to hopscotch around, leaving me going back to reread what I must have missed.

Pleasant enough, can say I read it, but no interest in reading it again the future.

I received this complimentary copy from Bethany House Publishers to provide an honest review.


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