Book Review: When the Morning Comes/When the Soul Mends by Cindy Woodsmall

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I originally purchased the book, When the Morning Comes from Books-a-Million, never realizing that it was part of a series. So by the time I jumped into the story, it was already into the second setting. However, despite that, I was still able to follow along and understand what was needed to continue in this second story.

The book, When the Morning Comes, jumps in where Hannah has left her Amish order to escape from bad memories, which includes the birth of child from rape. She goes to live with her aunt, who was shunned many years ago. Here, she develops a new personna, one outside the Amish lifestyle. Her aunt welcomes her with welcome arms, introducing her to the family who has cared for her over the years. Over time, she falls in love with the son of the family that her aunt used to care for. Meanwhile, back home, her sister is doing some bizarre things and her former love is determined to find her.

When the Morning Comes book was so well written that I could not wait to locate the third book in the series. Visiting the local library, I found the food and finished it within a day or two.

The third and final book in this particular series, When the Soul Mends, ties up the loose ends from the previous stories. Having fallen in love with Martin, the son of the family that her aunt cared for, she discovers that her former love had been seeking her.

All in all, this particular series by Cindy Woodsmall is what I would consider quite good. The details were rich, and I found myself transported to a different place in time, stepping between Amish land and the English land.


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