Book Review: The Dawn of a Dream by Ann Shorey

Book Review: The Dawn of a Dream by Ann Shorey



My mom received this book from Bethany House, to review and give her opinion on the book. In turn, she handed it to me to read. I now understand why she found it so hard to put down. I found it intriguing and it kept my attention. Many times I found it difficult to have to put it aside to take care of other things more pressing.

The Dawn of a Dream is about a young woman who has been married all of one month. Her husband leaves her, and she then must pick up the pieces of her life. She choses to leave the comforts of home to attend school to become a teacher. There, she struggles to make it thru the year, especially when she encounters an unforeseen circumstances that changes her life forever.

Overall I really enjoyed reading the book. It was one that I kept thinking I was finished, only to be excited to realize that the book wasn’t ending yet. The only part that bothered me a little was the return on a character later in the book and then some of her issues with jealousy. But all in all, I enjoyed getting to know the characters in the book, although the main character seemed a bit agressive at times.

That said, I do plan on reading more by Ann Shorey in the future.

My personal thanks to Bethany House for sharing the book with my mom, who in turn shared the book with me.


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