Book Review: Beautiful on the Mountain by Jeannie Light

Book Review: Beautiful on the Mountain by Jeannie Light



I selected this book from the Tyndale Blog Network, based upon the synopsis. “If you enjoyed the classic novel Christy and the bestselling Mitford series, then you’ll love Beautiful on the Mountain, a real-life tale about serving God in unlikely circumstances. In 1977, Jeannie Light left her fine plantation home amid heartbreak and came to Graves Mill, a tiny hamlet in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Alone in an utterly new kind of life, Jeannie was determined to find the courage to make a fresh start.”

Christy and Julie by Catherine Marshall are two of my most favorite books ones that I have read so many times they are dog-eared, so this book had some high expectations to meet. The book didn’t meet my expectations. I read the first chapter, then the second, and then the third. By the time I hit the fourth chapter I was skimming and looking for some sort of insight to bring me back in. To make me want to read the book. By the middle of the book, I flipped to the end.

Maybe the problem for me was that it was told in first person. I never got to know the person, feel what she was feeling or even like her. I found her more annoying than anything, and that was only because I never really understood her. Therefore I am probably not the best person to give an accurate synopsis of the book.

This may be the most awesome inspiring true story for some, but it was lost on me.

I received this complimentary copy from the Tyndale Blog Network to give an honest opinion of the book.


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