Book Review: The Chopped Cookbook by the Food Network

Book Review: The Chopped Cookbook by the Food Network


I like most everything by the Food Network. Their magazines are cool to flip through and get ideas, many of their programs are fun to watch. Chopped is one of the programs I enjoy watching, just to watch their ideas of what to make from a basket of odds and ends. So when the opportunity arose to get this book, I took it.

It arrived in the mail yesterday. It’s a nice hardcover book, you can tell money was not skimped on it. The graphics on the inside and the layout is very clean. The back of the book describes the contents as “If you’ve ever looked in your fridge, hoping for inspiration to strike, let The Chopped Cookbook help you shake up weeknight dinners. Just as each basket on Chopped has many appetizing possibilities, so, too do the contents of your refrigerator.”

The parts I liked about the book were the Chopped Pantry and the explanation on what goes with what, and how if you wanted to substitute certain ingredients for something you might have on hand instead. Such as if you don’t have greek yogurt on hand, but love sour cream, then this book encourages you to do just that. Make the substitution for what you as the foodie prefers to eat.

Of the recipes I’m most likely to try out, that would be pasta sauces (quick & easy marinara) and the mocha brownies with coffee and cinnamon. Not much I realize, but some of the recipes I’m sure would be quite delicious, they just were not calling out to my type of food. One would have to go beyond your comfort zone and try something totally different. Something out of the basket, per se. They are more involved than I want to spend on an unknown recipe.

Samples of some of the recipes are: Stuffed Peppers with Wheat Berries, Connecticut-Cajun shrimp rolls, Philly-style garlicky greens and egg sandwich.

I think for me, the pictures of the food just didn’t sell me. I wish it did. It may have prompted me to try a dish I totally wouldn’t have tried before. The food pictures just didn’t have the rich, clean feel that I expected from this book. Perhaps if the fonts and the style of the book had been different, then the photographs would have not disappointed me quite so much. At this point, I’d probably stick with the brownies and marinara sauce. They seemed easier and less involved.

I received this book for free from Blogging for Books for this review.


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