Book Review: Through the Deep Waters by Kim Vogel Sawyer

Book Review: Through the Deep Waters by Kim Vogel Sawyer


Through the Deep Waters is about a young girl who grew up in a brothel and seeks a better life for herself. She wants to serve as a Harvey Girl, but she isn’t old enough. So instead, she is sent to a hotel to serve as a chambermaid until she is of age.

I chose this book to read because I wanted to read of this young girl’s journey from a brothel house to a Harvey Girl. However, I was intensely disappointed by the book. The girl I never really got to enjoy. She annoyed me by her extreme timidness, which sometimes boarded on oddness. The image on the front of the book I don’t believe portrayed her character very well at all. On the cover, you expect someone who has a stronger character. It took a very long time for this girl to find her character.

I’m not sure what it was about the book, but the characters really annoyed me. All of them. I had such hope for the story, but I never got to know any of them enough to fall in love with them. I skipped entire sections, just to get to more meat in the story. Even then, it was frustrating. There was maybe one section where my hope was raised that the story perhaps had a good thing going, but a few pages away, the story started floundering again.

Sometimes it makes me wonder if certain authors are given new books just based upon their history of writing. If I or any other potential authors wrote this, would we be guaranteed a spot on the bookshelves.

All in all, I was very disappointed in the book. I’ve read other by Kim Vogel that I thought were spectacular. This, was not one of them.

I received this book from in exchange for an honest review.

Book Review: The Mix & Match Guide to Companion Planting

Book Review: The Mix & Match Guide to Companion Planting


When I received this book in the mail, I was quite impressed with the book cover. It was colorful and begged for me to open it up and devour the contents. This is a spiral bound book, which makes sense once you open the pages.

The first part of the book is an introduction in how to use the book, and a background about companion planting. I thought it made sense, and if it was planting season again, I was ready to start my garden with companion plants. But fall will soon be here, so there’s no reason why I can’t put into practice what I learned within the book covers.

The second part of the book is the director of companion plants. It’s divided into three horizontal sections, with an image of the plant and then a description of each plant. I thought overall it was quite helpful and informative.

All in all, I really enjoyed this book and I know that it will remain in my bookcase for years to come.

I received this book from in exchange for an honest review.


Book Review: When Love Calls by Lorna Seilstad

Book Review: When Love Calls by Lorna Seilstad



I have quite a few books on my kindle, and too many times I pass over the kindle to read the latest book that I’ve received. This time I had no book at work on my lunch hour and opted to start a book. My book of choice was “When Love Calls” by Lorna Seilstad.

It’s about a young woman who is in the process of being evicted from her homestead with her two younger sisters. Their parents died earlier from influenza, so Hannah drops out of law school to return home to care for her sisters.

The book starts off with Hannah not following the rules set by the grocery owner, and the trouble that ensues. She knows she needs to find work, but it’s not until she and her sisters are evicted from their home by a young lawyer that she is forced to provide for her family.

She finds work as a potential Hello Girl, while at the same time meeting back up with the lawyer who was involved in evicting them from their home.

The book in all was quite enjoyable to read. There were little nuances that bothered me, but it wasn’t enough to deter me from reading the book. I liked her spunkiness and I liked Lincoln. I kinda wish I had been able to get to know Rosie a little more, but just the little bit I did get to know of her was helpful.

For me, this book was an introduction to a new author for me. I will definitely be reading more books by Lorna in the future.