Book Review: My Foolish Heart by Susan May Warren

Book Review: My Foolish Heart by Susan May Warren


I really enjoyed this book, more so than I thought I would. Strange, eh? To pick up a book and then think you’re not going to like it? But I should have guessed, that with Susan May Warren being the author it would be good.

I liked the idea of Isadora Presley being the host of a syndicated talk show, one that she hosted from her own home. But what I didn’t realize, was her severe phobia of going outside and facing the public. Anyone. So it isn’t until her neighbor pulls into town that she realizes that maybe there is more to life than the four walls that she has contained herself within.

The plot was good, and the characters likeable. Although I wish there was more about her friend the doughnut girl and the fellow she met. But I’m guessing that might be another story to be told elsewhere.

All in all, good story. Well worth a read.

I received this book from points earned on Tyndale Rewards. Interested in earning points yourself? Go to this link and sign up. Well worth the effort!

Book Review: With Every Breath by Elizabeth Camden

Book Review: With Every Breath by Elizabeth Camden



What first attracted me to this book was not only the cover art (although the swirly around the title gets lost), but the synopsis on the back. I thought it sounded interestingly enough to read. I was right. It was good. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book, the ups and downs of the plot kept me captivated from beginning to end. Enough, that I was late to work one afternoon returning from lunch, because I just had to finish the chapter. Note to self, try not and start good books during lunch!!!

I liked the history, enough that I’m compelled to do research myself on TB and the plight of the victims in the early 1900’s.

All in all, this is a book that I’m very reluctant to share with others, fearful that I may never see it again. 🙂

This book was provided to me by Bethany House for an honest review.