Book Review: The Brickmaker’s Bride by Judith Miller

Book Review: The Brickmaker’s Bride by Judith Miller


I liked it. I didn’t like it. Oy! Such a pull between the two factors. Overall, I thought the story had such potential, and I liked it. At first, but then I was introduced to the characters. The aunt of Ewan is definitely not one to be liked, but that’s the character that was created. She wasn’t ever to be liked. Laura, I liked. Sorta. If the author’s intent was to show the pull between the upper class and the pull to the worker, then she succeeded. The one person I really didn’t like, was Laura’s mom. As a Christian, it seems like she should be likeable. But I didn’t like her. I didn’t like her thoughts of things and how tied she was into proper society. It may have worked, perhaps in a different setting.

I’m not going to bother given a synopsis of the book, other than Laura is the daughter of a brickmaker who made his fortune in bricks. He died during the war, and his widow was at some point encouraged to sell the land. The new owners were from Ireland and wanted to make a go at it and profit, but the uncle was gambler and had no sense of the business. Laura, was engaged being courted by a lawyer who was destined for great things, and despite him being a cad, Laura’s Christian mother was all for it.

Best stop there before giving too much of the story away. The cover of the book is really nice and captured my attention. That’s why I chose it. The story line and plot intrigued me, and gave me hope. All in all, it’s doubtful that I will pick this book up again for a second read. It was okay.

I received this book from Bethany House for an honest review.


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