Book Review: 50 Things You Need to Know About Satan and Demons by Mark H. Muska


For some reason, I have an interest in learning about the dark side, but I believe it is just so I may become aware of what I am up against. Thus, my choice in choosing this particular book to read.

The book is very straight-forward in a question and answer format. Mark Muska uses the Bible to answer the questions most often asked about Satan and demons.

The book goes from the very light questions, such as who is Satan to what are demons. It goes from the who to the what. Such as if Satan is behind Halloween or if witches are real.

There is one section that had me intrigued, enough to do a little research of my own and that is about nephilim’s. Still curious about that realm, but otherwise, I think the book is good for a basic understanding of your most commonly asked questions. If you are looking for a brief basic answer to a question, then this is the book, which would also explain the thinness of the book. Honestly, for me, I wished for a deeper delving into each of the questions, but then, it wouldn’t have been for those early into their journey. If anything, it gives you the means to research to understand the subject further.

I received this book from Bethany House in exchange for an honest review.


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