Book Review: My Battle Against Hitler by John Henry Crosby

Book Review: My Battle Against Hitler by John Henry Crosby


I selected this book, based upon my interest in reading further the history of Nazism and the time period. The book synopsis intrigued me and the cover art had me believing it was a book that would keep me fascinated. It didn’t.

The book is written unlike any other book I have read of that time in history, and was so deep in philosophy I was left trying to grasp and hold on to what I was reading. I’m not a philosopher and have no interest in philosophy. The depth in which you had to delve in order to read this, left me disinterested. And believe me I tried to read it. I made it past the first two chapters, then flipped through the rest of the book before passing it on to someone else to read. One who devours books. Unfortunately, this person also had the same difficulty as I did in reading it. The first chapters should charge my interest, beckon me to read further. Instead, it left us both wanting and wishing for more other than a philosopher’s take on history.

Would I recommend this book to my friends? Definitely not. Does it mean I’m not smart just because I didn’t understand this book? No. It just means that there are some people who are able to wrap their heads around it better than I. I like art, but not math. There are those who like math, but not art. Similar concept. I don’t like philosophy.

I received this book from to provide an honest review in exchange for the book.


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