Book review: The Heart’s Pursuit by Robin Lee Hatcher


This is a book I borrowed from my mom, that she originally received in the mail from Bethany House. I’ve always been a fan of Robin Lee Hatcher, but never realized she wrote outside of the modern aspect. So for me, this was a joyful departure from her other writings.

The cover art is most excellent and hat’s off the cover designer. The synopsis of the book sounded good. The book is about a jilted bride who feels obligated to go after the money that her runaway groom had stolen from her family. Facing bankruptcy, she pleads with the banker to give her family time to pay off the upcoming mortgage. Granted a brief reprieve, she finds a bounty hunter who agree’s to find her groom. But he has a hidden agenda, finding the murderer who killed his family.

As dark and deep as the story sounds, it really isn’t. It was a very easy read, with not too many dips and turns. I was able to finish the book within a day, which is excellent. But all in all, I did enjoy the book.


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