Book Review: The Postage Stamp Vegetable Garden by Karen Newcomb


This is actually a pretty good book, guiding you on how to create a garden in a small space. The sub title being, grow tons of organic vegetables in tiny spaces and containers.

I had already planned on creating a different garden perspective this year, wanting to do something other than the rows of vegetables in nice, neat rows. The creative side of me yearns to do something different, so this book sparked an immediate interest.  It goes outside of the rows and instead encourages you to plant according to companionship plants. Plants that do well together, influencing and improving the growth cycle.

The book overall is pretty good, although I kind of wish it had more plans on how to create the perfect garden. They give you guides and a few pictorial samples, but I was left yearning for more. More “garden plans” on how to create the garden. I just know that I will have to give the postage stamp garden a try before I can truly recommend (or not) this book.

One helpful aspect of the book was the second half, in which you were guided as to what plants were friendly to one another, and which ones you wanted as far away as possible. Marigold’s, who knew that they were a friend to the vegetable garden? I didn’t! I plan on planting marigolds in my future vegetable garden.

I received this book from BloggingforBooks in exchange for an honest review.


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