Book Review: For Mercie’s Sake by Sharon Srock

Book Review: For Mercie’s Sake by Sharon Srock


WOW. WOW. WOW. That was my end result in reading this book. First off, I don’t read

novella’s and I didn’t realize when I was reading this, it was novella. But despite that, I

found that the story was completely captivating.

Scottlyn is a young student in high school who finds herself a victim of rape at a college

visitation. She doesn’t realize what has happened to her body, until weeks later she finds

out that she is pregnant. Her father wants her to abort, for she refuses which creates

contention between her and her father. Kicked out of the house until she “see’s the light”,

she is granted enrollment into a Christian academy, something not normally allowed at

this academy. But based on the circumstances, she’s granted another chance. It is there

where she meets a teacher who will make astounding changes in her own life along with

this young future mother.

I’ve never heard of nor read Sharon Srock before this novella, but the depth she places

into her writings and the emotions that she can emit, guarantees that she will be an

author that I shall be looking forward to reading in the future.


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