Book Review: Justified by Varina Denman

Book Review: Justified by Varina Denman


So the continuation of Jaded is followed by the book Justified, which has just as stellar writing as before. The nice thing about the way Varina writes, is that if you miss the first book, that’s okay. This book is a standalone, Jaded would be a compliment to the book Justified.

Justified is about Fawn, who is pregnant from her abusive boyfriend. Her parents, who are pillars of the religious community, have kicked her out of the house. Despite falling on her feet, literally, she finds friends and companionship with the people whom her parents once forbid her to hang around with. The story grows on you and Fawn grows on you as she shakes loose her snobby ways and you find yourself cheering for her and hoping that she makes the right decisions. Then shaking your fist and yelling, “NO!”.

Christianity in the book isn’t the type that is in your face, rather it’s a lived in, placed appropriately. You are with Fawn as she grows in faith. It’s not in your face.

All in all, the book Justified is a well written book and well worth the time to read. Kudo’s to Varina Denman for creating another book just as awesome as the first.


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