Review: Unreal dark chocolate peanut butter cup

Review: Unreal dark chocolate peanut butter cup

 So I love Reese’s peanut butter cup, but have discovered when you don’t eat them very often you find out just how sweet they are. Being as I am tired of the sugar high rolled soon after by the low, I decided to try a different brand.

At our local Krogers, they had these Unreal bars on sale for $1 each. Curious, I figured it was worth grabbing one and trying it. I liked that it was 100% real, but after a thought, isn’t all candy real? They aren’t figments of their imagination. Yet. 

However, the non-GMO pulled me in along with the no artificial ingredients. Looking at the ingredients, you see it is possible to have food made and produced without a whole string of unrecognizable names. All the ingredients I read, and recognize. For those who want (need) to know, it is Fair Trade Certified with 50% Fair Trade Ingredients.

But let’s get on to the taste. In rip it open and discover they don’t have the traditional paper cup. Hey, that’s what I expect thanks to Reese’s! 

  Dark chocolate awaits my first bite, but as I flip it over I notice a design on the bottom. Not sure of the purpose, unless during a blind tasting someone can caress the bottom of the cup and recognize the brand.

So onto the first bite. I’ve waited patiently for three days to try this, and finally I get to treat myself. First bite, I crunch thru the dark chocolate layer and get into the creamy peanut butter feeling. First impression, I’m not sure. It’s salty and you aren’t slapped with the sweetness of the peanut butter. When you get past the yearning for the overt sweetness ( not good for you I know) it grows on you. Let’s just say I had no difficulty eating neither peanut butter cup.

  My take on it? I love dark chocolate and peanut butter, but for me I’d enjoy this bar more if it was a milk chocolate variety. The bitterness of the dark chocolate doesn’t have enough contrast with the naturally, lightly sweetened peanut butter. 

Overall, I did enjoy the bar and if someone gave it to me, I’d eat it joyously. However, it is unlikely I will go out and buy a bar for myself on sale or not. 


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