Book Review: The Lake Season by Hannah McKinnon

Book Review: The Lake Season by Hannah McKinnon


I really enjoyed this book. To be honest, the first chapter threw me off and I wasn’t certain how far I was going to make it past. It seemed a little chaotic and I didn’t really get a feel for it. But once Iris discovered the postcard and her decision to leave town, it had me captivated. I made it to a point where I was looking forward to a quiet space, where I could finish the book. Oasis was found in an evening bubble bath. Even after I finished the book and put it down, I found myself thinking about it, reflecting the decisions she made. If anything, it made me think of my sister and her marriage, wondering if she would ever have a chance to rediscover herself and make a new life.

The Lake Season is about Iris, the responsible daughter and sister of the Standish family. But now she has problems and isn’t sure how to handle them. Her marriage is on the rocks, and when she gets a postcard from home, she decides this is the time to head back home her childhood home. Her sister is to be married in a few weeks, so she goes ahead with the understanding that her husband will bring the children in a few weeks.

At the lake, Iris discovers herself, or at least, rediscovers herself. Finds out that putting herself first isn’t such a bad idea. In the midst of rediscovering herself, she finds solace in an old high school crush. In turn, she discovers secrets held from her from her own family.

I highly recommend this book. Despite the wide variety of Christian fiction books that I read, this one is not. However, it is still a book I would recommend reading. In fact, I plan on seeking out other books by the author.

I received this advanced reader’s copy of The Lake Season from Atria books via a Twitter contest.


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