Book Review: A Worthy Pursuit by Karen Witemeyer

Book Review: A Worthy Pursuit by Karen Witemeyer


I received this book from Bethany House in exchange for an honest review, and I selected this book based upon the synopsis of the book. It didn’t hurt that I already had read a previous book by Karen “Full Steam Ahead” and was looking forward to another opportunity.

This book is about a bounty hunter who is on the search a woman who has kidnapped a young child. The grandfather desperately wants her back, so he has on the search. He finds her, but things are complicated when they meet. She claims that she is the young child’s guardian, with paperwork to prove it. But problems arise when another bounty hunter is on their trail, determined to take back what is legally hers.

All in all, I did enjoy the book. I found myself so deeply entranced in the story that in areas I found myself mentally taking notes to google information that they were seeking. It’s only later that I realize, I can’t do that. The story flowed and had enough enough drama to make it interesting. Oh, what’s going to happen next?

This is a book I would definitely read again and will share with others.


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