Product Review: Ice Sphere Mold by iPerfect Kitchen

Product Review: Ice Sphere Mold by iPerfect Kitchen


I have never owned a sphere ice mold, but have always wanted one. When I was provided the opportunity to own one, I jumped at the chance. I appreciated that the box had instructions on how to fill the sphere, because some companies will make the assumption you know. Despite that, there is a mark on the container where you fill the water line to.

The ice sphere containers seem to be well made, and yes, you get two molds. I had mine in the freezer overnight, so I don’t know how long it would take it you were wanting the ice ASAP. But I could see myself making future ice sphere’s just to have on hand.

So I admit, I’m intrigued and fascinated by my ice sphere. It instantly cooled my liquid (my choice of the day was water). So far, I haven’t had any issues of it melting quickly and this was after filling my glass with tap water. The size of the sphere doesn’t bother me, I rather like the large mass of the icy sphere. On a side note, it’s also fun to watch it as it spins in the glass as you set it down.

Would I buy more of these in the future? Most definitely. I believe the iPerfect Kitchen Sphere Ice Mold works as it is described.

I received this item at a discounted rate in exchange for an honest review.


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