Product Review: 3.5mm Stereo Extenstion Cable by KabelDirect


I love this cord. It’s perfect. Especially for my uses, which is currently at work. Previously, my headphones reached only a certain distance, forcing me to keep my computer monitor closer to me than I really wanted. Now however, with this extension, I can lean back in my chair with no fear of the headphones ripping from my ears. Absolutely love it.

This morning I tried them out while working out, and let’s just say they are way to long for that. It was pointed out to me that my cord was draping on the floor. So I wouldn’t necessary recommend it for a workout session. But everything else? YES!

The extension itself seems to be well made and of quality. It is most definitely something that I would consider purchasing in the future.

After reading some of the other reviews on Amazon, I haven’t had any issues yet of scratchiness or loss of sound in one ear or the other. So far it is working splendidly.

I did receive this item at a discount in exchange for an honest review.


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