Product Review: Bath Pillow by Del La Mar Limited

Product Review: Bath Pillow by Del La Mar Limited


I bought this pillow with the idea of placing it on my white cast iron vintage tub for a wonderfully relaxing evening in the tub. What I ended up instead, was a less than comfortable pillow to lean against. Luxury and this pillow do not go hand in hand. The logo is wonderful in creating the illusion that you are entering a spa in your own home. Not the case in my home.

The good thing about the pillow is the suction cups. There are so many other pillows I’ve had in the past that were awesome, but keeping them in place was always difficult. They’d slip and slide. Not the case with this pillow. Just as the description, the bath pillow has ultra strong suction cups. So strong, you really do need to be careful in how you remove the pillow from the tub to prevent accidental removal of the suction cup from the pillow.

The not so great part about the pillow is the comfort. There are others who love and rave about the pillow, but my experience was just the opposite. It was hard and plastic. I admit, I was expecting something much softer, similar to a foam pillow. This had no foam. Actually, if it was foam it was a very hard foam with very little give. In the tub, I could never find a comfortable position with it, mainly due to the issue of no “give” to the pillow. It has a preformed area where you are to rest your neck and that area is where your neck and head must lay.

All in all I was very disappointed in this pillow and would not recommend it. The sale price of $25 seems a bit high for this pillow, at least for me, unless it is purchased for the suction cups.

Rather than return this pillow to Amazon, I will instead give it to my husband to use as a lower lumbar support in my vehicle where it should work better.

I received this item at a discount in exchange for an honest review.

EDIT: Husband did not like my bath pillow aka lumbar support. He said it was too hard and not comfortable.


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