Book Review: Second Street Station by Lawrence H. Levy

Book Review: Second Street Station by Lawrence H. Levy


When I first selected this book, the synopsis of the story had me interested. Mary Handley is a woman of the 10th century who bows down to no one. She has her own set of ideas that don’t necessarily conform to the ideology of the time period. She’s dreamed of a life other than working in a sweatshop all her life, and her chance to become a member of the police form is offered to her.

Mary Handley is an odd character. You can’t help but like her, her spunk, her tenacity. You understand why the guys on the police force are irritated with her. Then you are thrown characters in the book like Tesla, Edison, J.P. Morgan and Westinghouse and it makes me want to go in and read about these men. Read their biographies and who they really are.

All in all, the story was good. There were some areas where character development wasn’t very strong, but the story in itself was good. It was most definitely not something that would be considered best book of all time, but I could see myself picking up the book in the future to read again.

I received this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest review.

Book Review: You Don’t Know Me by Susan May Warren

Book Review: You Don’t Know Me by Susan May Warren


The story is about Annalise Decker, who had to create a new life 20 years prior after being placed into witness protection. But all the secrets she fought to keep hidden, comes to the surface with the appearance of her handler, with the bad news that the person she testified against is out of prison and is promising to make good on his threat to kill her. Problem, no one, not even her husband is aware of her prior life. Now she has only a few days to decide what to do and how it will affect not only her life, but those around her.

I’ve always enjoyed reading Susan May Warren, but this one takes the cake. It was amazing. I made the mistake of starting it on my lunch break at work, and the hour passed way too fast. Needless to say, I didn’t finish it at that time. When I made it home, I wanted to sit and read it, but had to make dinner. Then hubby wanted me to watch a program with him. Finally, I escaped to the bathroom and took a very long bath while I devoured this book. It had me from the first chapter and kept me enthralled all the way to the epilogue. Absolutely loved the story. It had me wanting to laugh, cry and just gasp.

I definitely recommend this book and will share it with close family members. But this will be a book that I will read time and time again. Well done!

Book Review: Irish Meadows by Susan Anne Mason

Book Review: Irish Meadows by Susan Anne Mason


This is my first time reading Susan A. Mason, and I was pleasantly impressed. I received this in the mail yesterday, and by staying up beyond midnight I finished it. The story drew me in and I knew that I wouldn’t be able to sleep until I finished the book.

Irish Meadows is about two sisters, Brianna and Colleen O’Leary who lives on a horse farm with their three siblings and parents. Gil, is a loosely adopted member of the family, who has been away at college for the past years. He returns, to pay off his debt to Mr. O’Leary and is reminded why he had left so many years before. His fondness for Brianna has developed into something more.

In the meantime, Mrs. O’Leary’s distant relative, a soon to be priest comes to stay with the family.¬†Colleen is definitely not interested in this poor relation.

All in all, the story is an excellent read. There were areas where I found myself sniffling and wiping tears away, although by the end of the book I was getting frustrated. OY!

What I liked about the book was the place it took me and the descriptions of that time period. I like the way that Susan writes and look forward to reading further books from her.

What I didn’t like about the book was the melding of the two characters within the book. There were two stories here and I thought it would have been a top-notch book had Colleen’s story and Brianna’s been separate. Both could have delved further into situations and made each character even more like-able. Brianna, I initially liked, but as the story progressed I began to dislike her more.

Despite the negatively I had towards the book, I really did all in all enjoy it.

I received this book from Bethany House in exchange for an honest review.

Product Review: Peppermint Oil by Pure Body Naturals

Product Review: Peppermint Oil by Pure Body Naturals


First off, I did receive this item at a discount in exchange for an honest review.

The peppermint oil arrived in a plain white box with the packaged eye dropper included. After removing the plastic covering on the peppermint bottle, I discovered that the lid was not tightly on, instead popped right off after removing the lid. A small amount of peppermint oil spilled out onto my counter.

The aroma of peppermint is quite strong. To be honest, I have no other oils to compare it to. However, in my attempt to smell the oil, a small amount ended up on my upper lip. My advice, don’t do that. It burned and had me worried for a moment that it wasn’t supposed to be used raw on the skin. But upon review, it was okay. Even so, I’m not keen on placing any amount of this peppermint on this skin.

I’m not really sure how to use this product, although reading online there is suggestions to use it as a scrub, in bath water or directly on the skin (don’t do that!). This evening I may consider using in bath water to test out the peppermint oil, with admittedly, a bit of trepidation.

The scent is very strong. It instantly cleansed my senses and I could see using it as a steam bath if you suffer from a headache or plugged nasal passages.

Would I purchase this on my own, without a discount? Probably not. Here’s why. When I go to to search out the product online, by going to there is nothing on their website that mentions peppermint oil. However, from the friendly email that they sent to me they tell me of the various uses of the product (very helpful!). BUT, when you click on the link included it takes you to the following page.

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 6.45.25 PM

To me, these are the type of pages you get when you are signing up for a “Sign up now for a free item”, which then sends you thru hoops. Let’s just say, the way the page is set up it screams “SCAM” to me. And that, is a major negative. It causes me to question everything about this product, because of this page.

For this reason, not being able to find their product on the main webpage makes me wonder the legitimacy of the product.