Product Review: #SunshineVoxBox

Product Review: #SunshineVoxBox

so I was given the opportunity to receive a box of goodies to try out, and if I liked them to blog about them. That, and share on social media. Personally, this particular box was an awesome box of treats. Every item I received, I ended up using. My mistake was not taking a photo of the enclosed goodies! But, I do have a few photos of what I did get.

imgres My first item to pull from the box was a color from the Sinful Colors collection. Mine was a very bright pink. I liked the pink, but it was a very bright color that I opted to use it on my toes. I really liked it. Would I purchase this in the future? Definitely! I love the colors offered.

6oz_Can_BOLD_Sriracha_PRIZE_NT13NTGThe second item from my box was Sriracha flavored almonds by Blue Diamonds. This particular batch I didn’t get to eat, because my husband confiscated my almonds before I had an opportunity to taste them for myself. However, his comments were that they were really good and he wouldn’t mind some more to munch on during the day. Success in that realm!

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 6.28.46 PMReceived a coupon for these, the Barkthins. The flavor I tried was almonds and coconut, with sea salt. Let’s just say, I was the hit of the office as I initially shared them with some co-workers. But quickly hid them, so I could enjoy them the rest of the week. These are definitely a dark chocolate, so for those who do not like dark chocolate, you may want to stay far away from them. In the past. I’ve enjoyed the dark chocolate and almonds with sea salt, and they were equally good. They do have two other flavors available, one of which, the pumpkin seeds I may opt to try in the future.

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 6.31.10 PMThe Infusium 23 I was really impressed with, in how well it worked with my hair. I have naturally curly, tending towards frizz. Especially on days of heavy humidity, however a small drop of this infusium worked wonders. At least on my hair. Too much of the product and it started to feel weighted down and oily, but a small amount went a long ways. This is a product that I will most definitely be purchasing in the future.

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 6.39.05 PMThis is really a neat concept, the Vaseline lotion. It sprays well and with a swipe of your hand, melds into your skin. However, to be honest, I find myself actually preferring to pour the lotion in my hands and then wiping across my arms and legs. I think this is a product that will be used by someone tight on time, wanting to use lotion but wanting to spend as little time as necessary. Too me, it actually took more time to make sure the lotion hit all the areas I wanted and then the time to massage it into my skin. Would I purchase this product in the future? Probably not.

Dickinsons_Badge This particular product by Dickinson’s I had such great hopes for in its use. It seemed to be an all natural product, and the product packaging reminded me of a Burt’s Bee packaging. The wipes themselves were very moist and removed product from my face with little trouble. However, it is the scent, the witchazel that had me turning up my nose. Perhaps if it was a more pleasant scent I would consider using or making a purchase in the future. But for me, this was not the product for me.

All in all, I had great fun trying out the products and finding new brands, and styles to try out. I look forward to making future purchases for some of these items.

My thanks to for giving me the opportunity to try out this awesome #SunshineVoxBox!


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