Book Review: Ties that Bind by Cindy Woodsmall

Book Review: Ties that Bind by Cindy Woodsmall


I am a fan of Cindy Woodsmall and the books she writes for the Amish genre. There’s been one series that was less to my liking, but 90% of the time I enjoy reading her books. They are descriptive, depth and keep me so intrigued that I turn page after page forgetting that other duties in life call.

Ties that Bind is about a young woman who is haunted by the memories of two friends who left the amish community five years prior. Both were good friends of her, and they left in the middle of the night while she was on a camping trip with them. A letter was given to explain the circumstances, but she never had the opportunity to read it. In turn, she’s haunted by her memories, especially when the young man returns and admits that he is there to help another Amish member leave the community.

Ariana is trying to buy up a closed shop so that she can put into action her dream of owning a restaurant, which she hopes will provide an income for her family who is desperately in need of help. Her twin brother and her is nearly to their goal, and a benefit suggested by her former friend (the one who left the community) helps her meet the goal.

Unfortunately, things that occurred at her birth throws everything into a melting pot of disruption, as she and her family must deal with the changes that promise to change their lives forever.

This book was good. I really enjoyed reading it, and groaned when it ended where it did, because I’m definitely going to have to go into book two to find out what happened. But fortunately, it ended at an okay area where I wasn’t left too much hanging in the day, but I want to know what happened next!

I received this book from Bloggingforbooks in exchange for an honest review.


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