Book Review: Centralia by Mike Dellosso

Book Review: Centralia by Mike Dellosso


Wow. I’ve had this book for awhile and forgot I had this. Last night I finally grabbed it and started reading. Wow, is about the only words that I can describe this book. It is about a man who finds himself waking up to a reality that he doesn’t remember happening. Memories are intermingled with other memories, and invading on what he thinks is truth and is actually not. He finds himself being chased while searching for his family, whom he was told was killed, but he believes that are really alive. But who can he trust?

This book reminded me of the Bourne Identity and the Matrix. It kept me intrigued, following along with the story, At the end the of the story, the only thing I could think of was wow.

It is a book that I’m unlikely to read again. It was good, well written, but so totally outside my realm of regular reading material. I thought I would be able to expand, but in this case no.

I received this book from the Tyndale Blog Network in return for a review.


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