Book Review: Brave Enough by Nicole Unice

Book Review: Brave Enough by Nicole Unice


This book has the author giving us an idea on how to be brave when more times than not, we aren’t. Often challenged by things in life that holds us back. She encourages the reader to embrace what God has for us and move forward.

For me, I was excited to read this book because there are too many times where I find that I’m unlikely to do things out of fear. What if someone thinks this or that? Where is my own bravery? I thought perhaps there would be some insight within these pages. For many, this book will provide them just what they need. But for me, I found myself skimming through a lot of the chapters trying to find substance that would send me diving further into the chapter. I didn’t find it, until the chapter containing the Sabbath.

Now this chapter intrigued me, for more reasons than you realize. For one, I do go to church on Saturday, therefore Sabbath for me has always been a different day than all the others. But to read the book, from a non-Adventist perspective talking about the Sabbath intrigued me. And everything she said about the Sabbath is spot on. That is the one day of the week, where you should be able to step aside and just chill. Don’t worry about the things that afflict you during the week, let that be your day, between you and God and family. This is the day that you rest, not necessarily literally, but you take a rest from stress. A day where you aren’t running around going shopping, soccer practices, all things that build into your previous days. That one day of the week is what I need to hit reset for the upcoming week. Because believe me, it helps. It recharges you. Whether it is Sunday or Saturday, may your Sabbath day recharge you and not let the world take charge of you.

I received this book from the Tyndale Blog Network in exchange for an honest review.


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