Book Review: Paul Harvey’s America by Steven Mansfield


The book was a story telling of Paul Harvey, who was one of the greatest broadcasters in America. He was the man with the voice of gold, as he told us “The rest of the story”. Today, we no longer have such a great man in our midsts, and this story interwove the story of Paul, his beginnings and his life within the book. I found that while the book was entertaining and informative, it was a typical biography. It was more or less a mixture of a tale about Paul Harvey and his political belief system.

Overall I did enjoy reading the book, although I did find myself skipping many sections. I was actually hoping to have been drawn more into the story.

The one section of the book that I really did enjoy, was at the end of the book which contained Paul Harvey Maxims and quotes. These are quotes that I’ve found myself writing down to remember later.

I received this book from Tyndale Rewards, and opted to leave a review.


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