Book Review: Rising Darkness by Nancy Mehl

Book Review: Rising Darkness by Nancy Mehl


So I knew, when I selected this book that it was book three, therefore I was very pleased to discover that I was able to step into the story and not feel lost. It felt like a stand-alone book, yet in ways I knew it wasn’t. There was a back story, which I’m now curious to read, but in no way, shape or form did it feel detrimental not to have read it.

The star character of the book is Sophie, and she is defined as a former mennonite who is in the world on her own. Left, because of trauma and issues that are explained a little bit here in the book. She is on the hunt for a man who was part of an unsolved crime, and believing that solving the crime will help wonders with her journalism degree, she goes undercover. That is, undercover on her own. She takes two weeks vacation off from work, and goes in as a different identity.

The story I really did like, and found myself entrenched in the monologues happening between Sophie and the other characters. The only part that left me frustrated, was the end. There was no happy ending. There was no sad ending, there just wasn’t really an ending. There is obviously another story happening later, but even so I felt a little let-down.

I received this book from Bethany House publishing in exchange for an honest review.


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