Book Review: The Goodbye Bride by Denise Hunter

Book Review: The Goodbye Bride by Denise Hunter


Wow. Wow. Wow. I really and truly enjoyed reading this book. Within two days of it being in my hand, I had it finished. A description of the book describes it as “She only remembers loving him. But he can’t forget the way she left.” And what a short description, yet so apt for what occurs within the pages.

Essentially Lucy Lovett has amnesia, and the last seven months of her life she can’t remember anything. The only thing she remembers is that she is just weeks away from her wedding and she is in love with Zac Callahan. So when she calls to him for help, he can’t help but feel confused. She left him and for seven months he has been trying to move on.

Personally I thought the book was well written and kept me swept along in the telling of a tale, as Lucy tried to return to her life in Summer Harbor, while Zac attempted to adjust to Lucy’s return.

In Summer Harbor there are three brothers, the Callahan’s, and each brother has a story. The previous book was about Beau and Eden, but you fortunately don’t need that book to understand what is going on within the pages of this book. It’s a standalone, yet part of a series. For that I appreciate it. Alot.

The only part I thought was left with a loose end was Morgan, and I often wondered if she was the one to call the reporters. The comments she made in the restaurant needed clarity, especially if there wasn’t nothing to be said later in the story. I just kind of thought that the disappearance of Morgan from the rest of the story was odd. For me, I kept waiting for her to appear.

Despite the above criticism, I enjoyed the book. And would definitely recommend it to others to read also in the future.

Cover art: Loved the cover on this book. I really liked the idea that you can’t see the couple’s faces, which allowed me to picture my own “perfect” man based upon the descriptions inscribed within the book. It just says “romantic”.

The Goodbye Bride | Author: Denise Hunter | Publisher: Thomas Nelson

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Book Review: Doodletopia Cartoons by Christopher Hart

Book Review: Doodletopia Cartoons by Christopher Hart


Doodletopia is a book that encourages you to get out your pen or pencil and doodle. To follow that thread of creativity within you and see what you can come up with on your own, with a little help from this book. As the book describes itself, it’s your chance to design your own super-fun cartoon creations.

The intention of this book is great. In fact, I think the cover and back cover are great at selling the idea that there is something fun contained within the pages. This book I believe is perfect for kids, at least the premise is going towards that. The instructions on drawing is perhaps a bit simplistic for an adult wanting to learn how to doodle cartoons. I don’t like that there is the shape already created, and then you must draw within. However, if I reminded myself that this is more in tune for some one much younger than myself, then I believe it is quite insightful.

As for the adult in me, I really did appreciate the tips. Such as advice on how to line up the eyes to the nose and in retrospect, to the mouth. For the kid in me, the idea of drawing up my very own super hero would be fun. However, when it comes to designing a woman and the need of designing a low cut blouse, well that’s where I start questioning the part of me suggesting this is for a child. Maybe a teenager. I think.

But all in all, I believe there are some pretty great fun activities within the book.It just becomes questionable as to what you want your child to learn, if this will be geared towards them. And for the adult, just understand that this isn’t necessarily a drawing book. I’d describe it more as a book to get your creative juices whet and see where it goes from there.

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Downside Up: Transform Rejection into Your Golden Opportunity

Downside Up: Transform Rejection into Your Golden Opportunity




I rather enjoyed reading this book (Downside Up) because it gave me a different perspective on how to change those negative thoughts and experiences into something good. I loved how it was written, in a first person perspective, and the points she made along the way.

This is a book that I found very insightful, and knew of a few friends who would enjoy reading it and learning from it as much as I did the first time around. Problem with loaning a book out tho, you never see it again!

I received this from BookLook in exchange for an honest review.

Book Review: I was Blind (dating) But Now I See by Stephanie Rische

Book Review: I was Blind (dating) But Now I See by Stephanie Rische


This book is about Stephanie Rische, who tried to find someone to fall in love with, but always came up empty. She comes across many uncomfortable situations, but amidst it all finds that God is with her in every step she takes.

I found this book to be a step beyond the tradition single girl looking for love book, in which it doesn’t necessarily focus on what you as a singleton is doing wrong. Rather, it is focusing on creating a relationship with God, despite the pitfalls of dating that may come your way.

Even though I’m currently married, I went thru many of the situations Stephanie encountered. Well, not nearly all the dreadful blind dates, but the years of singleness. The wondering of if I will ever meet Mr. Right. I found that the way that Rische wrote was enlightening and a delight to read. She made it as though we were best friends and she was sharing her struggles in her quest of finding her mate.

When I selected this book, I knew of several friends who are still on the dating quest. There is one friend in particular, whom I believe would find this book a delight. It will give her courage and aware, that finding Mr. Right shouldn’t be the sole purpose in life. Accepting yourself with all the good things you can do to share with Him and others, is just as wonderful.

I received this book from Tyndale Blog Network in exchange for an honest review.

Book Review: Anna’s Healing by Vanetta Chapman

Book Review: Anna’s Healing by Vanetta Chapman


I’m a sucker for a cover, and this one definitely drew me in. It looked so peaceful and serene, I knew there had to be an interesting story between the pages.

Anna’s Healing is a story of how Anna Schwartz’s life is changed forever, in the blink of an instance after a tornado plummets through the farm. She is staying with family at the time, not her parents, but her aunt and uncle. What follows is the struggles she goes through in dealing with the spinal chord injury.

I found myself more or less just plodding along in this book, forwarding past pages and then going back over them to see what I inevidently missed in my speed reading. In my desire to really want to like this book, I found myself not. My problem was that I never really liked any of the characters, the development wasn’t really there for me to fall in love with any of them, to encourage me to go along the tides of life.

All in all, I wouldn’t read it again and probably wouldn’t recommend it to any of my friends. But that is my opinion, I’m sure others out there would absolutely love the book.

I did receive this book from Netgalley, and this review is based on my own opinion.

Book Review: Cold Shot by Dani Pettrey

Book Review: Cold Shot by Dani Pettrey


I received this book on a Friday in the mail, but the next morning I had it finished. Oh, that meant I pulled an all-nighter to finish the book. Had to convince hubby several times that it was okay that the light was still on, I was reading.

Cold Shot is about Griffin McCray and his attempt at trying to forget a case that went wrong while he worked as a SWAT sniper. Now, he lives his days as a park ranger in Gettysburg, and he enjoys this quiet existence until skeletal remains from this era are uncovered. He calls in a forensic anthropologist, Finley Scott, who is doing a dig in the area. Together they try to solve the mystery before their lives are taken down in the midst.

To me, the back cover of this book is very deceptive. They have it described as “Four Best Friends, and then one went missing. In college, Griffin and his three best friends had their lives planned out, until Luke disappeared. Then their lives crumbled.”

So you would think there would be a story there, right? This story would have something to do with Luke Gallagher’s disappearance and then how their lives crumbled as they sought to find closure. Wrong. This particular synopsis had absolutely nothing to do with the story and I found it to almost be a bait-and-switch. Therefore, don’t go into this story expecting any of this. If anything, it’s briefly mentioned and not enough to really be considered needed (to be on the back).

All in all, I did enjoy the story and plot. I found that I was keeping right along with the characters, although I did get tired of reading about how Finley was exceptional and how all the men would turn their heads as she would enter the room. Once is accepted, but to go over and over about how she catches men’s attentions just by her being in the room was more or less too much for me.

There were enough twists and turns to make me wonder where the story was going, and to keep the book in my hands long after the midnight hour struck.

Again, I did enjoy the book and I think I do look forward to reading more in this series.

I received this book from Bethany House in exchange for an honest review.

Book Review: Green Smoothies by Fern Green

Book Review: Green Smoothies by Fern Green


I liked this book. I liked the simplicity of the cover, and the simplicity of the recipes.

Green Smoothies is a book that contains information not only on smoothies, but also recipes for juicing. It’s described as on Amazon’s website, “A collection of 66 illustrated smoothies, juices, nut milks, and tonics to kick-start metabolism, fire up the mind, and promote whole-body health.”

I think what I liked most of all about the book is the visually pleasing, simple layout of the items needed per juicing/smoothie recipe. It visually showed you what you needed for each, and how many items for each recipe. In addition, it let you know the benefits of each drink. Well, not all the benefits, but some of the highlights.

The beginning of the book talks about the super greens, and gives the benefits of each in the diet. Especially in this method (juicing/smoothing). Then there was instructions on how to detox, at least their best recommended way of doing it.

The book is set up in sections, the first being the juicing, then smoothies and then the nut milks.

My reaction to this book is mixed. I was initially excited, but then uncertain. Only because some many of these items I don’t keep on hand. Juicing is a time consuming process that extracts a small amount of juice. However, I am determined to find a way to start juicing and this book will be the perfect recipe template to start me off.

I received this book from in exchange for an honest review.