Book Review: A Worthy Heart by Susan Anne Mason

Book Review: A Worthy Heart by Susan Anne Mason


For some reason, I didn’t realize when I selected this book to read that it was part of the Irish Meadows series. I had previously read Irish Meadows, and was slightly disappointed with it. This book however, redeemed itself. Overall, I really enjoyed the plot and the story.

A Worthy Heart is about a young woman, Maggie Montgomery, and her brother, Gabe who come to America to stay with their brother. The reverend who married the O’Leary sister, Colleen. There is love in the air, between Colleen’s brother Adam and Maggie, but a stint in prison forces all those who know Adam, to warn Maggie away. There is drama when it comes to learning about past mistakes in the O’Leary household.

All in all, I enjoyed the story. I enjoyed the continued story of Aurora, who was briefly introduced to the characters in Irish Meadows. Her story here continues with a positive spin, although it seemed a bit rushed towards the end. At least, to me.

Good story with a good imaginative plot line.

I received this book from Bethany House in exchange for an honest review.



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