Book Review: Cold Shot by Dani Pettrey

Book Review: Cold Shot by Dani Pettrey


I received this book on a Friday in the mail, but the next morning I had it finished. Oh, that meant I pulled an all-nighter to finish the book. Had to convince hubby several times that it was okay that the light was still on, I was reading.

Cold Shot is about Griffin McCray and his attempt at trying to forget a case that went wrong while he worked as a SWAT sniper. Now, he lives his days as a park ranger in Gettysburg, and he enjoys this quiet existence until skeletal remains from this era are uncovered. He calls in a forensic anthropologist, Finley Scott, who is doing a dig in the area. Together they try to solve the mystery before their lives are taken down in the midst.

To me, the back cover of this book is very deceptive. They have it described as “Four Best Friends, and then one went missing. In college, Griffin and his three best friends had their lives planned out, until Luke disappeared. Then their lives crumbled.”

So you would think there would be a story there, right? This story would have something to do with Luke Gallagher’s disappearance and then how their lives crumbled as they sought to find closure. Wrong. This particular synopsis had absolutely nothing to do with the story and I found it to almost be a bait-and-switch. Therefore, don’t go into this story expecting any of this. If anything, it’s briefly mentioned and not enough to really be considered needed (to be on the back).

All in all, I did enjoy the story and plot. I found that I was keeping right along with the characters, although I did get tired of reading about how Finley was exceptional and how all the men would turn their heads as she would enter the room. Once is accepted, but to go over and over about how she catches men’s attentions just by her being in the room was more or less too much for me.

There were enough twists and turns to make me wonder where the story was going, and to keep the book in my hands long after the midnight hour struck.

Again, I did enjoy the book and I think I do look forward to reading more in this series.

I received this book from Bethany House in exchange for an honest review.


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