Book Review: The 4×4 Diet by Erin Oprea

Book Review: The 4×4 Diet by Erin Oprea


This book is geared for those of us who aren’t strong into the fitness regime, those who have tried all the other “fad” diets and realize that there has to be a better way. This book I believe heads you in the right direction. Instead of filling the book with pretty pictures of how to work out and the foods that you eat, it is instead dense with copy in telling you why you should be changing your diet and how.

Essentially this book will introduce you to four key foods and the four minute workout routines, which will help you feel better in four weeks. Who wouldn’t want that? I definitely do!

The book is written by Erin Oprea and she talks about in the forward in the book as to what led her on the journey to healthy eating. She breaks down everything she has learned into an easy to understand formula. She says that the speed bumps in most diets includes four items: sugar, starch, sodium and alcohol.

I found the book to be easy to read and understand. It showed me that what I was eating wasn’t necessarily the problem (I already have been trying to stay away from processed foods), but the time of the day when I’m eating them. My evening meals tends to consist of beans, pasta, potatoes.. all starches. According to her formula, those are best eaten at lunch and the latest during the day is around mid-afternoon. Why? Because it gives you time to burn off the sugar before you get home and chill.

Then, there are the exercise routines, which to be honest, sounds doable. Kind of terrifying I admit, but I’m determined to try it. Fortunately she gives a routine to start out for the beginners (like me).

After reading this book, I’m determined to adjust my diet and do better. I’ve already passed the book to a co-worker and together, for four weeks, we are going to be accountable to one other as we attempt this regime.

I received this book from Blogging For Books in exchange for an honest review.


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