Book Review: Faith by Lyn Cote

Book Review: Faith by Lyn Cote


I always appreciate a good story, especially one that is based in the south. Just the first chapter, where they are “On the road toward Jackson, Mississippi…” called out my name, having lived in the area for nearly seven years.

The history and the story line were on par, but there was too many battle scenes, which I realize Faith is a nurse and must go rescue the wounded, but even so… at some point in the book I started flipped through the pages waiting until they returned to the main plot of the book. Finding Shiloh.

The story in all seemed a bit lacking. The plot had me intrigued, but it seemed like the romance was the highlight of the story, with the original plot being tucked away into hiding. We were always reminded of the original plot, finding Shiloh, per attitudes of the friend of Faith.

There was one point where I had trouble with the story, and that was when there was mention of a plantation house in Madison County, called Annerdale. Remember my previous comment about living in the Jackson area? Well, I lived in an area that was named Annandale, where upon a plantation called Annandale used to be. Therefore, the terrible twisting of the plantation in Madison County called “Annerdale” frustrated me to no end. If she wanted a plantation name, please use an original name, or makeup one. Don’t play around with the wording of an existing community.

All in all, I thought it was an okay book. I personally had such high hopes for it, and ended up feeling a bit flat. Considering I spent most of my time flipping through the pages to see how it ended, it’s unlikely that I will spend my time reading this again. My apologies to the author, it just wasn’t my cup of tea this time.

I received this book from Tyndale Publishers, in exchange for an honest review.


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