Book Review: The Pursuit of Lucy Banning by Olivia Newport

Book Review: The Pursuit of Lucy Banning by Olivia Newport


I’m always intrigued with period pieces, especially those where the woman is growing up in a time period in between the horse and buggy and motorized transportation. The woman who is struggling to find herself and her independence in a time where women were trained to stay home.

Lucy Banning is a young woman whose family lives amongst the rich, who is engaged to be married. The young man she has known all her life and pretty much knew this is who she is going to marry. She has been sneaking around and going to class at the college where they admit women, and while there she meets her brother who introduces her to a friend of his.

The story I did like, but I didn’t love it. There were parts that had me wondering while I read what I missed. The first being, she is rethinking her feelings for her fiancé, but my question was what kind of feelings did she have for him and when and where did she start having second thoughts. The story pretty much drops you into her feelings without any indications as to how she got there. Second, there were some issues with the fiancé, but no where in the story was there any inkling of what might be happening. Thirdly, whatever happened to her interest in classes.

As I said, I did enjoy the book, it’s just that there were many areas where I was left questioning and wondering about missing pieces within the plot.

I downloaded this book from Amazon during a period where it was available for free. So there were no offers from the publisher to return a review for a book. I selected this one on my own accord.


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